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Customised Tiling Work for a Beach Home

Living in the suburbs of a city far away from the coast as opposed to living near one can make a lot of difference in the construction elements of your beach home. The materials you use in the latter must be resistant to water, be super easy to clean and must also have a sturdy layer of wear that can easily hold the sand. It is more common in beach homes to keep it open for the salty and humid air, so this influences your materials especially the tiling work.

Luxury Vinyl

Make no mistake, this is not the common type of vinyl flooring you see in homes. Luxury flooring has developed a lot in recent times. It is one of the most commonly used tile work for beachside homes because it has the same feel and looks of wood, is durable and extremely easy to clean. The vinyl flooring is softer on the feet and it also dampens the sound. Obviously, the tiles are 100% waterproof and they will not warp. Overall, it is a great choice for homes that are prone to moisture-related problems.

Customization options are available in terms of the colour of the vinyl flooring, which are more common, brown and grey. You can have a mix of these for your different rooms to make them a little more attractive. If you’re still not sold, you can check out some display homes in Melbourne which feature this new type of flooring. Seeing it in person may just sway you towards it!


If your beach home is also given for rent for certain times of the year, ceramic tile is the best option because it is extremely easy to maintain. There are plenty of options available in terms of shapes which can be either square, rectangles, planks or even mosaics. The tiles have the look and feel like wood but with all the good features needed for an ideal beach home tiling. In hotter climates, the ceramic tiles induce a slight cooling effect. The best part is that they are extremely affordable.

There are different types of ceramic flooring available from white wood to the simple white ceramic style. You can customize with colours and mosaics as well.

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Granite and marble-look tiles are also good choices for your beach home flooring. It would be more ideal to use the stone type of flooring in the kitchen or the bathroom. Stones offer a refined style in terms of elegance, rustic or casual. It also provides for easy cleaning. Many luxury home builders in Melbourne are using stone tiles these days, as they add a sense of beauty that you just don’t get from other tiles. Since they are not very good at absorbing sound, ensure that enough wood and fabrics are added to compensate for that.

A lot of different options are available in terms of white marble, travertine etc. which can be customized in terms of patterns and colours.


Bamboo is becoming a more common flooring option because of the variety of advantages it offers. The surface of bamboo is quite sturdy and provides for a more durable surface. Stranded bamboo, for instance, is twice to thrice stronger than oak and at the same time is easy to clean.

If you love to customize, bamboo is also available in a wide variety of shades which you can match with the type of the room and the mood you want to induce in it. Bamboo is also eco – friendly and no wonder it is becoming a strong choice!

So, these were the different types of tiling that can be customized to the maximum for your beach home. Unleash your creativity for the house of your dreams!