Achieve a Luxurious Look in Your Home With a Limited Budget

Do you want your home to look luxurious? Of course, you do! And let me tell you, while you might think you need to be spending buckets of cash to do so, I can assure you that you don’t have to spend much in order to create a luxurious style. There are sneaky ways that you can create a plush looking living space without needing to take out a bank loan! I know right, you’re welcome. 😉

Look after what you have 

Before you start buying more stuff (especially things you don’t need) you need to learn how to look after the things you already have. For example, if you have a nice timber table, you should use the Mastertouch Floor & Furniture Polish to make it last longer. The same goes for your outdoor area. Nothing will make your garden look more luxurious than a nice, newly polished deck. My recommendation here is to just use a traditional timber oil – it goes a long way. 

Your lighting 

When decorating your home with “luxury” in mind, you want to add several different light sources, which will add depth to a room. And, you don’t need to clear out your wallet in order to do so. Hit the op-shops for some lamp bases and then start shopping for the lampshades. Consider hanging a pendant light instead of having a traditional table lamp. You can even add some nice candles that will add reflections to the walls and create a calming and relaxing vibe.

Your curtains need to hit the floor

A proper window treatment can add luxe to a room. There is one cardinal rule: don’t buy curtains that sit too short.  These curtains look cheap and nasty. Measure your windows before heading out to buy curtains. If you are a handy person, you can even consider making your own curtains with some sheer or lightweight fabric. Ikea has a good range of curtain brackets and rods; from basic ones that are noticeable or distracting to the ones that draw your eye straight to them (which one you choose will depend on your preference).

Invest in large scale artwork

I bet you want an attention-grabbing, oversized piece of artwork that can spark conversation and imbue your living area with a luxe feel? Remember that the best art has a personal significance, so avoid just hitting the local store and picking up a beach scene. Check out the second-hand shops for unique pieces that come with their own backstory. If you are on a tough budget, you could make your own with a giant canvas and some art supplies.

Get a large rug

Small rugs will end up dwarfing your room. Go for a larger, but less expensive rug over the small versions. Avoid wool rugs if you have kids and pets, which can all wreak havoc on the wool. If you have kids, you also want to make sure any textiles are free from toxins such as teflon. The larger rug will make your room feel airier and more prominent, which will create an instant expensive feel. Remember that because something feels luxe it doesn’t always mean it is durable. Jute rugs work well, and they are cheap to buy and very durable with kids and pets. If you like having a grounded, earthy feel to the room, jute will work well.

 Have your walls and trims the same colour

This tip is simple. Just by giving a room a few coats of paint will drastically clean the space up. Paint your trims and walls the same colour. You want to avoid contrasting the trim so it is easy on the eyes so more focus can be added to the accessories and decorative accents. Keep the rooms architectural details simple. You can use a more robust colour as the deeper hues will now appear lighter and softer. If you are not an admirer of art but love the frame around it, take it home. Print out some nice photos of the family and add them to the frame. Don’t be scared to mix antique finds with modern pieces – it will all come together for the luxury feel once complete.