Bathroom design tiles

Bathroom tiles for a new townhouse

The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house that provides a comfortable small space for one person at a time. Therefore, this part of the house needs to be designed very carefully, but unfortunately, it’s the most neglected part of the house. When we talk about the townhouse, it carries a small space, and so the bathroom has, and therefore, it is important to design your bathroom in a way that gives the effect of largeness and spaciousness in which the style and design of the tiles plays an important role. Make sure that you select the right type of tiles while designing your new townhouse in Melbourne to give it a comfortable effect. In this article, we have discussed some bathroom tile ideas for your new townhouse plan.

Tile ideas for new townhouse bathroom

Smart use of tiles can make the small townhouse bathroom stylish and relaxing. The big bathroom gives you the capacity to be more creative, but designing a small bathroom to portray your creativity is not impossible.

White tiles: while selection, the tiles for townhouse go for the lighter colours to give your bathroom the feel of openness, and white tile is most suitable for this purpose. You can use white subway tiles with a classic pattern for walls and white tiles with blank dots to distinct wall from the floor, which creates an amazing spacious feeling. No matter whether you install them vertically or horizontally, it works great to transform your townhouse development.

Bathroom interiors

Large tiles: we have always heard that the small tiles are for small spaces. However, the large tiles can also a good match for the small bathroom because the space of the bathroom is larger than the tiles anyway. The large hexagonal tiles can be used for the floor, and to compliment the floor, you can use black and white wallpaper that will add visual effect in your bathroom.

Marble tiles: the large marble tile flooring will help to give your townhouse bathroom a wide and open look. You can use royal blue vanity and wallpaper to give your bathroom a strong and robust effect. If you want to use bold colours in your bathroom, then use large tiles that have narrow grout lines so you cannot distract the focal point.

Pastel tile: the white tiles are all-time popular options when it comes to the bathroom designing, but recently the pastel colours come into the honourable consideration. The sage green and millennial pink are now becoming popular for interior, and people prefer to use them for their bathrooms and kitchens, if you are feeling hesitant to use these colours for your entire bathroom, you can use these tiles for a feature wall as behind the vanity. The pink tile flooring makes your bathroom attractive and creates a long focal point that gives it a modern feeling. Moreover, keeping the rest of the room white will make your bathroom appear spacious.

Herringbone and chevron: These classic designs of tiles are perfect in your townhouse bathroom. It creates a timeless and contemporary look. The herringbone and chevron patterns of tile are gaining rapid popularity because these patterns are efficient in creating a feeling of height. The patterns are best for small bathrooms. However, using too much pattern like this will create a congested effect and make your bathroom look smaller. 

Terrazzo: the terrazzo tiles are the internationally popular and first choice of the people. The terrazzo tile usually comes in neutral colours, and it is a composite material. The terrazzo tile shines efficiently with natural lighting that makes it more attractive.

If a selected tile is difficult for you, then you can take access to the interior designer to help you to choose the suitable tile colour and shape for your new townhouse bathroom. They can efficiently guide you.