kitchen design trends 2020

White and grey tones for kitchens are in for 2020

With this short guide, we bring you to the world of kitchen design trends and show you precisely what awaits you at the 2020/2021 season. If you’re thinking about which colours will dominate the scene, or what’s the most modern material, or what’s going to be the direction of kitchen design and development for leading brands and designers, then read on.

If you’re not an admirer of dark, moody colours or the other extreme of brilliant colour explosions, there’s always the golden mean – the majestic grey tonalities. They will never go out of fashion, and they are pretty easy on the eye. Even the most simplistic decorations will stand out and seem like a million bucks. The grey kitchen is a modern trend that if well combined with another colour, will easily resemble concrete or stone.

Yes, white will always remain in fashion, but its well-researched and amusing nature won’t do it alone. To improve the attractive appearance of a white kitchen, bright, additional colours or geometric shapes and stripes may be used.