old office trends gone

Two out of date office trends you might not recognise

If you are a millennial who has entered the corporate workforce in the past few decades, you might gasp at the cubicle-packed offices that your parents were accustomed.

Likewise, the next generation of office users may not recognise the offices we use today, with office trends changing so quickly.

And based on commercial office design company Axiom Workplaces’ head of style Michael Hala, that is because businesses realise that to attract and retain employees, the modern work environment should promote innovation, creativity, productivity and improved health and well being.

Or perhaps you’ve just heard about it from an older colleague.

Back in the day, it was common for people to light up at their desks and through staff meetings in conference rooms.

Nowadays smoking in enclosed workplaces is prohibited across Australia, but many offices still have their smoke-free policies in addition to this to comply with workplace safety laws.

This implies that in most office buildings in Australia, you are also not permitted to smoke out near the entrances.

Open-plan offices are nothing new, but it is apparent that workers are visiting their C-suite executives and managers a good deal more, as they lurk from their personal offices.

Nowadays, employers need leaders and employees to feel as invested in their team as you can, and one means to do it is to make them work together.

Gone are the days when every manager had their personal space with walls and a door to call home.