steel and wires

What is Wire and Metal Fabrication?

In this era of high technology, we need electricity to run our equipment, and in order to transmit that electricity, wires are essential. Without wires, it is impossible to transmit electricity, and rendering it useless. If you don’t have a wire or welded mesh supplier, then you should start by sourcing one. Once you have a supplier, then you can start focusing on what kind of wire you need. But first, let’s learn a bit more about it. 

What is wire?

A wire (the same as welded mesh panels) is normally made of a metal, such as: iron, steel, bronze, copper, zinc, aluminium, gold, silver, platinum or brass. In the wire, there are small strips of metal (these are conductors of heat), and these strips are wrapped with plastic sheets (that acts as an insulator to avoid direct interaction with electricity), which are very dangerous for any living organism. You cannot directly touch these metal wires, as your body is also a conductor, and you will get an electric shock, which is life-threatening. 

In general terms, there are two types of wire. The first type of wire is called “solid wire”, and is made of copper or aluminium (and covered with an insulator). Solid wires are not flexible and can be broken easily. However, this wire is very cheap and affordable. Therefore, these wires are mostly used in house wiring. This wire contains a large strand of wire, the drawback of this wire is its stiffness, and due to this, the wire can be cracked. 

The other kind of wire is “stranded wire”, which is flexible and more costly than the solid wire. In stranded wire, the small strands of metal used can be easily folded and bent – and does not break, unlike the solid wire. Cables such as these are more flexible and are therefore used in computers and other electronic equipment. The stranded wire can be stiff too, it just depends on the number of strands and the insulator that is used for the wire. The silicone is considered the most flexible insulation for the wire, but it is not commonly used.

What is Metal Fabrication?  

Metal fabrication is a process to mould the raw metal into useful semi-finished products by performing different processes. These processes include casting, cutting, drawing, folding, forging, extrusion, machining, punching, shearing, stamping, welding and many more.  The most commonly used metals to fabricate the products are brass, copper, iron, steel, gold, nickel, silver, magnesium, aluminium, tin and various other forms of metal. The metal fabrication can be used to produce the sock products but it is also used largely to produce customized products. The customized fabrication mostly includes the businesses that provide their services to customize products. The companies that are specialized in metal fabrication are called fabs shops. The profitability of metal fabrication industries is based on economic demand and growth. Considering the economy an essential part of the fabrication industry, it has made the metal fabrication industry a large and appealing business and it is growing very rapidly. Metal fabrication is used to make the machinery and types of equipment according to the demand and the need of the consumers. The metal fabricating industry keeps on evolving and inventions are made to support the customers. 

The wire and metal fabrication are the two important components that have brought the revolution in technology and science. The wire and metal fabricant products are interconnected. Look around, and you will find these two components everywhere. Us humans love to use technologies, but we need to be careful while using them as they can also be dangerous and harmful. Therefore, if the insulator on the wire is not proper or the wire is not completely covered, do not touch it because it could be dangerous. So be careful while using electric appliances and machines.